Apr drgs a severity adjustment methodology

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Using Severity Adjustment Classification for Hospital Internal and External Benchmarking

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Using Severity Adjustment Classification for Hospital Internal and External Benchmarking

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Summary analysis of hospital mortality. APR DRGs are an extension of DRGs to account for severity of illness and risk of mortality Assignment to a “Base” APR-DRG based on:. All Patient Refined-Diagnosis Related Groups (APR-DRG) 1 For several years now, DRGs have been used to analyze a hospital's case mix.

However, clinicians, administrators and regulators have often attached different meanings to the concept of case mix complexity, depending on. All Patient Refined DRGs (APR-DRGs) were developed to meet such needs and today are the most widely used severity of illness and risk of mortal- ity adjustment methodology in the hospital field.

All Patient Refined DRGs (APR-DRGs) were developed to meet such needs and today are the most widely used severity of illness and risk of mortal- ity adjustment methodology in the hospital field.

Running head: APR-DRGs: A SEVERITY ADJUSTMENT METHODOLOGY APR-DRGs: A Severity Adjustment Methodology Quality Management In Healthcare Abstract All Patient Refined Diagnostic Related Groups (APR-DRGs) currently represent one of the most widely used systems for severity adjustment of hospital outcome comparisons.

ALL PATIENT REFINED DIAGNOSIS RELATED GROUPS (APR-DRGs) Version Methodology Overview 3M Health Information Systems Richard F. Averill Norbert Goldfield, M.D. Jack S. Hughes, M.D.

Janice Bonazelli Elizabeth C. McCullough Barbara A. Steinbeck Robert Mullin, M.D. Ana M. Tang National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions, Inc.

Apr drgs a severity adjustment methodology
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