How to write a cover letter for a college research paper

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How to Write an Essay Cover Page

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The whole cover letter for research paper should be double-spaced, just like the whole research paper. The margins from all the four sides are one inch.

Cover Letter for Research Paper

The page should also include the header and the page numbers in the upper right corner of the page. A cover letter, CV/resume, and contact information for three references.

A cover letter (PDF format) of interest indicating your qualifications and reason for application, Curriculum Vitae (PDF format), and a minimum of three professional references, including phone and email contact information. While your research paper’s role is to prove the merits of your research, a strong introductory cover letter is your opportunity to highlight the significance of your research and “sell” its concept to journal editors.

You will be given many tasks to write different papers during college education. Therefore, it is important to create a good first impression by preparing a perfect and professional cover page.

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How to Make a Cover Page for a College Paper

A cover letter contains summarized information on essay topic and studied problems. If you need to write a cover letter for your paper, resist the temptation to copy-paste text from conclusion or any abstracts of your essay to your cover letter.

The cover letter is the place to go into more depth, detail and description about your research and teaching, as well as your most notable experiences and accomplishments. If your cover letter reads like a list reiterating the information on your CV, it does not serve any purpose of its own.

How to write a cover letter for a college research paper
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How to Write a Cover Letter