How to write an artist bio for a gallery provincetown

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How to Write an Artist’s CV in 10 Steps

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Dec 08,  · Writing about a Provincetown Artist Because writing is generally a solitary activity, writers need to cultivate and maintain social contacts. For me the Cape Cod branch of the National League of American Pen Women serves as both a social and professional Said and Done: A Writer's Blog Christie Palmer Lowrance.

How to Write an Artist Bio. How to Write an Artist Bio. Visit artist websites or consult a stash of old gallery cards to get ideas for what to write. Galleries and promotional websites often feature artist bios that you can use for reference. Write like a professional. A great author bio can make a positive first impression, whereas a.

Image courtesy of the artist. Biography. Bob Graham was born in Canton, Texas in He studied art at North Texas State for four years. InBob traveled north to Provincetown, MA.

What would you reccommend to write in an unexperienced artist´s cv? I don´t even have shown my work in a gallery, do you think it is a must to do this? I have (finally) joined a gallery that is asking for an artist resume – I have a bio, but this will be my first artist resume.

Your outline makes it look like a very doable task. I have. How to write your artist bio We’ve had a few artists ask us for tips on how to write an artist bio. Here’s some ideas we’ve collated from articles on the internet.

How to write an artist bio for a gallery provincetown
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