Primary and secondary data in research methodology

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Difference Between Primary and Secondary Data

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Here of data — Who collected the contrast. What are the ideas to the study. Theories and thoughts are not. Secondary data is the data that have been already collected by and readily available from other sources.

Such data are cheaper and more quickly obtainable than the primary data and also may be available when primary data can not be obtained at all. that secondary data analysis is a viable method to utilize in the process of inquiry when a systematic procedure is followed and presents an illustrative research application utilizing secondary data analysis in library and information science research.

A primary data source is an original data source, that is, one in which the data are collected firsthand by the researcher for a specific research purpose or project. Primary data. On the other hand, if time is sufficient, it is recommended to use primary method of data collection because primary data are more accurate and reliable compared to secondary data.

Difference Between Primary and Secondary Data

The availability of finance also influences the method to be adopted in the collection of data. Primary Research Methods & Techniques Primary Research Quantitative Data Surveys Qualitative Data Experiments Personal interview (intercepts) Mail In-house, selfadministered Telephone, fax, e-mail, Web Mechanical observation Simulation Focus groups Individual depth interviews Human observation Case studies.

Chapter 2: Research Methodology Research methodology process includes a number of activities to be performed. These are For the study purpose both primary and secondary data are used. The primary data collected from sales men of the companies, customers and dealers dealing in the products of the.

Primary and secondary data in research methodology
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