Undergraduate research paper competitions

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Undergraduate Research

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Student Paper Competition

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Research Paper Competition

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Undergraduate Research Competition

Three awards will be about for the first, second and third parties. Entry form is strengthened and submitted see below. French Colonial Cemetery Site Discovered as Part of Anthropology Research Effort at Southern Miss. ICPSR Research Paper Competitions (Undergraduate and Master’s students) – Deadline January 31, By Kelly Schultz on December 16, We are now accepting applications for two competitions (ICPSR Undergraduate and ICPSR Master’s), which are listed below.

What is so special about writing an undergraduate research paper?Almost every student who prepares such type of work may participate in an undergraduate research paper competition and win a prize.

Announced on August 14, ICPSR is now accepting applications for three competitions (ICPSR Undergraduate and ICPSR Master’s). For papers on any topic using data from the ICPSR General Archive or Thematic Collections. Awards: $1, for first place, $ for second place.

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Computing (UROC) program can help you get involved through job fairs, where you can hear about available research jobs, and a spring research symposium, where you can show off your work and win up to $ in prizes.

Research Paper Competition Forwe will be holding a research paper competition to go along with the research poster competition. It is a great competition for students to speak about the research paper they wrote!

Undergraduate research paper competitions
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